You've probably noticed that many people are walking while using their phone or simply looking at it. Consequently, there are several accidents and deaths  that happen.

In fact, for 2018 Pedestrian Fatalities have remained at 25-Year High For Second Year In A Row. California, Florida, Texas, New York and Arizona — accounted for 43 percent of pedestrian deaths during the first half of 2017, despite being home to just 30 percent of the U.S. population.

If a pedestrian is struck at 20 miles an hour, they have a 10 percent chance of dying. If they are struck at 40 miles an hour, they have an 80 percent chance of dying. Since we know drivers are distracted too, this is a bad combination.

Surprisingly, more than half of distracted walking injuries (52 percent) happen not on the streets but inside people's homes.  According to a video below by CBS.

A report from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons revealed that 78 percent of American adults believe that distracted walking is a serious issue—but only 29 percent owned up to doing it themselves. The issue is our brains evolved to focus attention on primarily one task at a time. It’s a phenomenon psychologists refer to as inattention blindness. (If you think you’re able to multitask, try the world-famous Selective Attention Test.)


Many Cities are now banning looking at your phone while walking and in London they even padded some lamp posts to prevent injury. 

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