Text neck, I am sure you've noticed is another problem causing pain to our society. The head weighs about 10 pound. When you tilt it at a 40-degree angle or a 60-degree angle, it can increase the weight of the head to as much as 60 pounds which is like putting three 20-pound bowling balls on your neck. Research shows that kids are spending 5,000 hours a year looking at devices. The increased pressure on the spine, can cause extreme neck pain, back pain and headaches.

Some experts believe it is also affecting kids growth. Medical professionals are seeing teenagers and children as young as seven developing hunchbacks and abnormally curved spines because of an addiction to devices.

The strain then causes inflammation that may irritate the nerves in the neck and head, causing pain and headaches. Other symptoms from the condition include eye pain, dizziness, runny nose and pain in the teeth/gums. ... When sitting with a device, have your shoulders back and head over the shoulders.

One local non-profit aims to end text neck in kids. Str8up’s goal is to promote a series of five simple exercises that can reduce and even reverse the symptoms of a stoop-shouldered, chin-forward posture known as “text neck.”