Disconnect Collective, Inc., conducted dozens of local interviews with local community parents of 6th and 7th grade parents. Many of these parents were unaware of the research available to us and strongly regret the decision to give their children an iPhone. We did not interview a parent that had gone back on their decision or took it away, they were afraid of the backlash. We only interviewed 3 parents that did not regret their decision- the convenience factor of the constant communication and having their child be more quiet, and fitting in with their "group"  were the reasons. In the family contract and rules section we review safer ways to manage these devices. Also many parents have devotedly spent hours going through their kids phones, texts and taught them to safely post. While we praise these efforts, we have to ask-is that what you want to be doing in your free time? Is this healthy family time? What is this replacing? What would you be doing instead and why are we accepting this into our lives? We are simply managing new potential problems every single day. Also, how can you POSSIBLY control what your kids are looking at? Could we think about why we readily accept and accommodate all these devices in our lives-despite the well documented danger? 

     The parents that seem to have the best balance in their families lives, were aware that there had to be FIRM limits in place. Some of these parents had apps to help them reinforce the rules and keep their kids safe. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep your kids safe on their phones.  We know the dangers it has caused our teens

     Ensuring safety should be mandatory, in addition to the rules and contacts-PARENTAL CONTROL APPS.

These apps should allow you to 1) see everything and 2) shut it off during disconnected time. We know that otherwise people are spending their waking (and sleeping hours) scrolling away. 

Although they change frequently, 2 were recommended several times by many different schools and parents.

1) Safer Kid Text Monitoring

2) Spector Pro

3) Qustodio Parental Control

Here is a list of the Best Parental-Control Apps 2018


There have been many apps created to raise awareness of how much we actually use our phones vs. how much we actually think we do. Many teachers, professors, and parents have insisted that these be installed on everyone's phones. This can be a very powerful experiment since we know that we touch our phone on a average of 2,617 times. Surely that is not how much you touch it.

1) SPACE - Break phone addiction

2) Moment

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