1) I will educate myself and my children about basic safety guidelines of technology, as well as the dangers of addiction and social media use.


2) I will commit in my own way to fighting this epidemic and help my child positively influence his or her peer group with the proper use of technology.


3) If I see a child I love overly engaged in technology during social face-to-face time, I will address it as i see fit, in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner because I recognize that it takes a village.


4) I want to work together against this epidemic which harms mental and developmental health.

5) I agree change needs to happen and I want to be a part of that change.


6) I promise to speak up when I see children engaged in electronic play in a manner that puts their safety at risk (i.e. not paying attention to traffic while crossing the street).

7) I am ready to decrease our dependency on screens and increase the quality of our  life.

8) I acknowledge as a parent, I am the most important influence in my child’s life and I want to be a great example.

9) I want to protect childhood and prevent addiction and disorders.


10) I will do my best to protect my child and your child’s brain and future because I love my child, your child, and the Solana Beach community.