For kids, please read with parent permission and together

Kids should be playing outside together more and making lots of friends. Your family probably has rules about playing outside.  You could ask if you are allowed to go play outside in your neighborhood. What houses you are allowed to go near?  Maybe if your parents agree, you should invite a kid you don’t really know to play and see if you can include more people. When kids suggest to play on a device, maybe you could play a game instead and talk about the dangers. We all need friendly reminders. 

With your parents permission, you could see who lives in your neighborhood and see if they have a walking group or you can start one. Make sure you follow the rules and pay attention so you don’t lose the privilege and that you help your friends be careful. You have to be extra careful to make eye contact with drivers because they aren’t always paying attention.  They are often texting and I am sure that your parents have talked to you about that already. Some people also walk across the street with the phones so it's not a good combination. You need to learn to be careful and make sure people see you. 

We are trying to work as parents to be more careful so we can all be examples. Your parents love you and they are going to protect you. We are all trying to be better examples and always do what is right. Sometimes we need reminders. Please remind us when we need to get better. We love you and we want what is best for you!