Plug Into Something Better (PISB) is an effort to offer Disconnect Collective (DCC) children and families tangible activities that they can participate in, that will encourage them to get outdoors and to seek the intrinsic motivation and rewards associated with helping well as to open their eyes to issues 'beyond the bubble.'


PISB/DCC and the Steele Family will host one event a month. This month we're participating in a paddleboard clean up and discussing ocean pollution. After each activity, DCC/PISB will be hosting an outdoor movie and pizza party for participants. The movie shown at the party will be a documentary related to the activity. This month we will be watching "A Plastic Ocean" as we discuss ocean pollution. All kids who participate in the paddle board clean-up will be invited to attend the afterparty.

For more information on the May event, click HERE. 

Next month we will challenge families to live "off-grid" for three days, and then come up with tangible solutions of sustainability in their own homes. 

** Email us to stay updated with upcoming events.