Finland's repeated success in national education rankings suggests we can learn from them. Highly focuses on education, kids simply how to play with one another, how to mend emotional wounds.
Here are some reasons for their educational success:
1)   Low Technology in class.
2)   Competition isn't as important as cooperation no private schools.
3)   No standardized testing. 
4)   Teaching is one of the most-respected professions.
5)   Finland listens to the research, education is not political. 
6)   Finland isn't afraid to experiment.
7)   Kids have very little homework.
8)   Preschool is high-quality and universal.
9)   College tuition is free.
10) Finnish Students go to school less and have shorter days.
11) Playtime is sacred.

Compared to the US, where free playtime has been dwindling in kindergarten for the last two decades, Finnish law requires teachers to give students 15 minutes of play for every 45 minutes of instruction.

The policy stems from Finland's deep, almost storybook belief that kids ought to stay kids for as long as possible. It's not their job to grow up quickly and become memorizers and test-takers.


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