Some cities and states want bicyclists to keep their attention on the road and off their smartphones. At the same time that cities are trying to become friendlier for bicycles, more people are using electronic devices to communicate and navigate. Officials are worried about bicyclists who chat, text or listen to music on smartphones. They fear cyclists are creating danger for themselves and other people using the sidewalks and roadways.

Texting while biking produces several unique problems that make the practice particularly dangerous for cyclists and those around them.  Unlike a texting car driver; a texting cyclist that is distracted and hits a pothole or road debris is likely to crash causing injury.  A study from the Netherlands found that texting while biking caused riders to slow down erratically, experience decreased awareness, and wobble and veer in and out of the bike lane. Any of these distracted behaviors could have resulted in the cyclist hitting an opening car door, running into a pedestrian, or wandering into oncoming car traffic. Another study in Boston, proved the same.