Dr. Jean Twenge is a best selling author and Local San Diego SDSU professor. She named iGen and wrote the iGen book which is the generation born approximately from 1995-2012. Her analysis of data drawn from over 11 million respondents over multiple decades discovered some alarming findings. She is also working with Apple investors to pressure them to keep kids safer. 

             iPhones have been correlated to cause  iGen the following:

More Lonley

More Anxious

Less Social Activism

More depressed

More Suicidal 

Growing up Slower

Driving much later

Hang out less with friends

Not sleeping enough

Living with their parents as adults

Having difficulties socially and emotionally

Decreased strength and enduracne

Intolerant of new ideas

More Self harm

Addicted to Social Media



Not working as teens

Difficulties adjusting to college

Difficulties in the work place

You can find all these statistics and research in her book  iGen. 

At a recent presentation at the Local Middle School, Dr. Twenge told an audience of kids and parents that she was planning on letting her kids have a phone in 9th grade. The average age a child receives a phone is currently 10.

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